Pathways to Sustainability Conference 2019


The CCP were invited to the Pathways to Sustainability Conference on 24th January 2019 to showcase our research and our work to get rid of disposable cups!

Here we heard from academics on the subjects of how transdisciplinary research can support the transition to a circular and more sustainable future.

We met many enthusiastic people from a variety of backgrounds and ran a little competition to “Guess how many coffee beans are in the jar”

Answers were wide and varied,.. but the results are in…

…and the WINNER IS (drumroll please)…


Who’s guess of 7694 was closest to the answer of 7532 ! Well Done to James

We thought you’d all be interested to know that 7532 coffee beans weighs approximately 502gram. That’s the equivalent to nearly 63 cups of coffee !

Your reward is an honorary mention on our website but who knows, one day we may send you a cup!

We want to thank you all for your interest and support :)

Separate the survival emissions of the poor with the luxury emissions of the rich
— Sheila Jasanoff, Prof of Science & Technology, Harvard
Op 24 januari kwamen honderden duurzaamheidsexperts bijeen in TivoliVredenburg voor de jaarlijkse Pathways to Sustainability-conferentie van de Universiteit Utrecht. Waar gingen de discussies over? En welke boodschap nemen zij mee naar huis? Meer informatie over Pathways to Sustainability: