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Crowdsourced Wall: What Does Design Mean To You?

Crowdsourced Wall: What Does Design Mean To You?

Today we visited the Design Museum in London, voted European Museum of the Year 2018. The exhibition displays a wide variety of ideas such as product design, architecture and typology, leading us through key steps from designing, making and using. Take a read of our notes below!


The work designers do shapes our lives at every scale, from the architecture of our cities to the objects and systems we use every day.

“The Zip is so ubiquitous, that you overlook what a genius piece of engineering it is”- Andrew Linares. 2018

Juicer Mould

Juicer Mould

Some designers aim to create commercially successful products, while others hope that their work will benefit society. We believe in BOTH. The design process involves research as well as intuition and progresses through trial and error. It may include sketching an idea, making a 3D model, or creating a prototype to ensure the idea works in practice.


We are all Users of Products. However, the reasons we choose one product over another are complex. Some of those decisions are clear and deliberate, based on cost, efficiency, comfort or need. Other choices are less conscious, prompted by an emotional response or a perception of value.

“Design changes the world around us, and our place within it, in ways we do not expect”- Design Museum, 2018

What is ‘Good Design’?

In the 20th Century the Modernists believed that good design was about usefulness- how well an object performed its function. For others, good design is less tangible. It might be something that is capable of provoking an emotional response- perhaps through beauty or wonder. What is good design is open to interpretation.

“Many people share the belief that there is a moral or ethical component to design, and that design can be responsible for enriching our lives or ‘doing good’ in the world”- Design Museum, 2018

Design and designers can act as powerful Agents of Change. Innovative products, new services and fresh ideas are all capable of helping us live longer and more fulfilling lives.

The influence of designs such as the motorcar or the shipping container can be so pervasive that their impact is felt around the world, reshaping entire industries and societies. New innovations such as drone delivery services or self-driving cars could have potentially wide-ranging impact across industries.

Choice & Taste

Consumer choice is a vital part of our society, helping to drive the economy and provide us with the products we both need and want. But how much do we really understand about why we make the choices we do?

Some choices are heavily influenced by practical considerations, such as how well a product performs a specific function , or its value for money. Other choices are a matter of personal taste or our emotional needs.

“Whether it is the clothes we wear, the cars we drive or the books we display, our possessions help define who we are, or who we want to be”- Design Museum, 2018


3D Printing

3D Printing

The manufacturer - or ‘maker’- is the third partner in the design process. The maker will draw up the brief for the designer including the materials, process to be used, and the needs and aspirations that they think the product will satisfy.

Makers work at many different scales. Someone creating a product in their bedroom or garage is as much a maker as an industrialist running a large factory.

Design For Circular Coffee Project

Design is not just about form and function. We believe it can communicate the message of reduced consumption and sustainable living. Re-designing systems for the better. At the CircularCoffeeProject, we believe in the transformative power of design. That is, to reshape how people behave and interact with products and services. Soon, we will be launching our very own design competition, to design a reusable coffee cup for the future. Keep checking in for updates!

With thanks to Rioco Green @ The Design Museum